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1. Use the Submission form to help you. You don’t have to write an essay, but the form is designed to help you and Kelvin. It will:

   a) Encourage you to think about each of the major aspects of production;

   b) Show the APC you are prepared.

In particular:

  • What grabs you about the play, what is it saying?

  • Think about your cast requirements

  • Think about the venue most suited to the play and your conception of it

  • Think about how much technical and stage crew resource it may need

  • Think about wardrobe and set design

  • Be aware of any special expertise the play may require

  • Think about how much it will cost


2. Choose a play you love... or at least like, and are excited by. If you aren’t motivated by it, it’s unlikely other members will be.


3. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious, but don’t propose mounting a Musical version of War and Peace in the Bristol Hippodrome. If your play has a large cast then balance out the scale of the production some other way. Consider if you can save time and budget on the set design, for example.


4. Submit more than one play. Better still, submit plays from different genres if you can. The APC has to create a balanced programme, so by submitting more than one play, you make our job easier and your chances of success higher.


5. Contact the APC for help, feedback or guidance if you need to.


6. Try to make sure the performing rights to any play you propose are available.


7. Try not to pick a play that has just been, or is about to be performed elsewhere.


8. Don’t be discouraged. If your proposal isn’t accepted this time, don’t take it personally – there are many factors in deciding on Kelvin’s programme. Submit a new proposal, or try again next season.


9. Don’t leave your submission to the last minute!

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