The Beaux' Stratagem

by George Farquhar

Directed by Martin Walsh

Studio:       25-29 April 2017



  • 2 gentlemen of broken fortunes:

    • the first, Tom Aimwell, as master - Alex Knibb; and

    • the second, Frank Archer, as servant - Nathan Richards

  • Squire Sullen, a country blockhead, brutal to his wife - Mat Rees

  • Foigard, a priest, chaplain to the French Officers - Jon Bard

  • Boniface, landlord of the inn, - Paul Richards

  • Gibbet, a highwayman - Roger Shutt

  • Scrub servant to Squire Sullen - Tegan Westall

  • Sir Charles Freeman - Tim Whitten 

  • Bagshot - Mike Luckett

  • Hounslow, a highwayman - Jenny Hills

  • Lady Bountiful, an old civil country gentlewoman,that cures all her neighbours of all distempers - Tessa Garrett

  • Mrs. Sullen, her daughter-in-law - Fiona McClure

  • Dorinda, Lady Bountiful’s daughter - Rosanna Inman

  • Gipsy, maid to the ladies - Liz Kelly

  • Cherry, the landlord’s daughter - Martha Graham

  • Countrywoman - Jenny Hills


Production Team

Set Design & Painting - Bronwen Grover

Costume Design & Wardrobe - Chrissy Fryers

Lighting Design - Geoff Collard

Lighthing Mentor - Richard Newman

Sound Design - Neil Bonnett

Music Director - Martin Walsh

Choreographer - Martha Graham

Fight Director - Tim Whitten

Production Manager - Geoff Collard

Construction Manager - Jonny Wilkinson

Construction team - Susan Howe, Catherine Alcock,

Kate Buchan, Elly O'Dwyer, Naomi Dunn

Stage Manager/Props - Geoff Collard

DSM - Anna Freire Camacho

Sound Ops - Neil Bonnett/Paul Dyson

Lighting Ops - Anna Freire Camacho/Simon Shorrock

Marketing - Sam Grayston/Martha Graham

Programme Design - Geoff Collard

Box Office Manager - Anna Barry

FoH Manager - Peter Garrett

Bar Manager - William West


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