A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Adapted by Neil Bartlett

Directed by Robin Turner

Studio:       Wed 30 Nov - Sat 3 Dec 2016 (inc Sat matinee)

Wed 7 Dec - Sat 10 Dec 2016 (inc Sat matinee)



ACTOR 1 Steve Dale
Bob Cratchit (Age 38)

Mr. Fezzywig  (Age 45)

Third Fat Gentleman

A Shopper

Old Joe

ACTOR 2 Sue Stobbs
Second Clerk 
First Portly Gentleman
Tom  (Age 11) 
Scrooge's Sister  (Age 13)
Mrs Fezzywig ( Age 40)
Scrooge's ex-fiancee's daughter (Age 6)
A Shopper
Belinda Cratchit (Age 13)
Ignorance (child)
Second Fat Business Man
Mrs Dilber

ACTOR 3 Roger Shutt
Third Clerk
Second Portly Gentleman
Dick Wilkins, School boy  (Age 11)
Dick Wilkins, Apprentice   (Age 18)
Dick Wilkins, (married with a daughter) (Age 32)
Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas yet to come

ACTOR 4 Rosie Inman
First Clerk
Harry (Age 11)
Miss Belle Fezzywig  (Age 17)
Miss Belle Fezzywig (Scrooge's fiancee) Age 23
Miss BelleWilkins nee Fezzywig (Age 31)
Timothy Cratchit (Tiny Tim) (Age 9)
Scrooge's nephew Fred's wife  (Age 23)
First Fat Business Man + First Rich Man
Other Woman

ACTOR 5 Tim Whitten
Sixth Clerk
Scrooge's nephew Fred (Age 24)
The Ghost of Christmas Past (Puppet) 

Peter Cratchit (Age 16)

A Shopper

Second Fat Business Man

ACTOR 6 Phil Joyner
Ebenezer Scrooge

ACTOR 7 Martha Graham
Fifth Clerk 
Jacob Marley (Ghost) (Age 60)
Scrooge (school) (Age 11)
Scrooge (apprentice) (Age 18)
Scrooge (engaged) (Age 24)
Mrs Bob Cratchit (Age 37)
First Man of Business

ACTOR 8 Mandi Bailey-Turner
Fourth Clerk
Boy (Age 10) singing off stage
The other Miss Fezzywig  (Age 18)
Martha Cratchit (Age 17)
Want (Child)
A Shopper
Second Rich Man