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James III - The True Mirror by Rona Munro

Directed by Mary McCallum

Studio:       25-29 October 2022 @ 7:30


Committee Liaison: 

The third part of Rona Munro's The James Plays trilogy, James III: The True Mirror, like the King himself, is colourful and unpredictable, turning its attention to the women at the heart of the royal court.

Charismatic, cultured, and obsessed with grandiose schemes that his nation can ill afford, James III is by turns loved and loathed. Scotland thunders dangerously close to civil war, but its future may be decided by James’ resourceful and resilient wife, Queen Margaret of Denmark. Her love and clear vision can save a fragile monarchy and rescue a struggling people.

Many of you will have seen previous posts in the Digest and The Jester about this production which, when Radiant Vermin performs to sell out audiences next week, will then become the next but one Kelvin production after Jane Eyre at The Tobacco Factory.

October productions often suffer from a rushed rehearsal schedule due to people being on holiday over the summer months but I hope to avoid this by starting the rehearsal period immediately after Jane Eyre is finished and holding rehearsals over the summer months to fit in with holiday plans and then hitting the ground running at the beginning of September with hopefully a number of scenes already well into rehearsal and all lines learned.

For this reason I propose to launch the production with an open read through and discussion on:

Sunday May 29 at 2pm in the Hall

Auditions will then take place on June 8, 10 and 13 

Rehearsals will start on July 5th with a whole company read through.


  • James lll, King of Scots, self centred, conceited, bi-sexual, he ‘dazzles’ | Playing age mid-late 30sJ

  • John, Head of the Privy Council, devious, brooding, in love with the queen | PA 40-50

  • Ramsay, King’s personal servant, faithful to a point, bi-sexual | PA 20s

  • Cochrane, King’s architect and purveyor of fine wines, handsome | PA 20s-30s

  • Sandy, the King’s brother, jealous, headstrong and impetuous | PA 20s-30s

  • Jamie, King’s eldest son, poetic, creative, later James IV | PA mid teens

  • , King’s middle son, king’s favourite, petulant, jealous | PA young teens

  • Tam, A member of the household, easily embarrassed |PA 16-18

  • Margaret, Queen of Scots, Danish, proud, talented, devoted | PA early-mid 30s

  • Annabella, king’s paternal aunt, curvy, funny, wise, experienced | PA mid 50s

  • Phemy, young lady of the Court, pretty, saucy, can sing solo | PA late teens 

  • Daisy, Laundress, King’s mistress, pert, attractive | PA early 20s

  • Ensemble, Parliament, members of court, soldiers, guards, choir | any age or genderAll ensemble cast will play several parts.


Everyone is welcome to come along to the launch but only paid up members can audition.

Any questions please contact; 

Mary McCallum - (Director) 07776 213916

Angela Markham -  (Asst. Director) 07894 916618  

Eszter Vass - (Production Manager) 07401 081198.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch!

Mary McCallum