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Earthquakes In London 

by Mike Bartlett

Directed by Mat Rees

Studio:      6-10 December 2022 @ 7:00


"It's Cabaret, we've got our heads down and we're dancing and drinking as fast as we can. The enemy is on its way, but this time it doesn't have guns and gas it has storms and earthquakes, fire and brimstone...You were the glimmer. At the end of the tunnel. And you went out."


It's time for another one! Yes, I know it seems as if Mary has only just auditioned for True Mirror, and Jane Eyre is still in production, but it's time to announce the launch of another production - December's Earthquakes in London.


This is a fast and furious metropolitan crash of people, scenes and decades with almost 40 parts, requires around 16-18 versatile actors who enjoy fast-paced physical theatre.


As well as the launch night, there will be a movement workshop prior to the first audtion on Sunday 17 July, which we strongly recommend - particularly for anyone unfamiliar with physical theatre.

I'm really pleased and quite excited to announce the cast for our final production of 2022 – Earthquakes in London.

The line-up is:

  • Evie Stannard

  • Adam Healey

  • Amy Clifton Thwaites

  • Tim Whitten

  • Maya Hingorani

  • Abdi Kareem

  • Jolyon Wolfin

  • Ollie Cumins

  • Elouise Warboys

  • Migs Garc

  • Elena Christie

  • Rick Procter-Lane

  • Fiona Morrison

  • Alex Needham

  • Peter Spence

  • Patricia Needham

  • Lydia Williams

  • Liz Kelly

  • Satadru Mukherjee

It's a great mix of old and new, with 5 cast members in their first Kelvin production; 9 having joined the club in the last year; and only 3 having been actors that I've directed before.

It was a really rewarding process, which started with a physical theatre workshop run by the talented Josh Cooper, and saw around 30 people putting themselves forward for this play.

Members were so keen to be involved that I've actually increased the size of the cast from 17 to 19 to squeeze in as many people as possible.

Huge thanks and apologies to all those who have not been cast. I have been there (far too often) and it's horrible. And I'm really sorry I couldn't squeeze you all into the cast.

But just because you didn't get an onstage part, it does not mean there aren't still opportunities to be a part of this team.

We still need costume designers, dressers, props managers, lighting and sound operators, set builders, hair and make-up artists, and much more. We still want you to be involved.

If you are keen to be involved behind the scenes, please contact Alice Chadwick (production manager) –


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