Production Manager - Tim Whitten

Production Assistant - Lucy Payne

Set Design - Jonny Wilkinson

Costume Design & Wardrobe - John Cousins

Construction Manager - Jonny Wilkinson

Construction Team - Bronwen Grover, Dominick Fanning,

Susan Howe

Properties Manager - Caroline Mitchell

Properties Creation - Bronwen Grover

Properties Assistant - Anna Friere Camacho

Lighting Design - Richard Newman

Lighting Operator - Lucy Payne

Sound Designer/Operator - Mike Luckett

Stage Manager - Liz Kelly

DSM - Lucy Payne

Hair and Make-up - Tracy Reid

Marketing & Publicity - Sam Grayston, Anna Marshall,

Tim Whitten

Box Office Manager - Sue Stobbs

FoH - Mike Luckett

Bar Manager - Rick Procter

DINNER by Moira Buffini

Directed by Tessa Garrett

Studio:       14th - 18th February 2017


  • Paige                            Fran Lewis

  • Lars                              Tim Whitten (Alex Needham*)

  • Wynne                        Ali Tyndale

  • Hal                               Mat Rees

  • Sian                           Rosie Closs (Collins)

  • Mike                             Rob Kershaw

  • Waiter                        Alistair Hedderman

*Sadly, due to ill health, Alex had to withdraw on the week

prior to performance and Tim, heroically stood in.