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Spider's Web

By Agatha Christie
Directed by Helen Hollick
29 October - 2 November 2024


  • Saturday 8 June, 4:30pm


  • Monday 17 June, from 7:00pm

  • Wednesday 19 June, from 7:00pm

  • Possible callbacks on Thursday 20 June

Please see below for details of audition pieces.

Sign up for auditions using the button on the left (or below if you're on mobile).

If you’d like more info or find out how you can be involved, please get in touch with:

Audition Pieces

Sir Rowland / Hugo / Jeremy - p8 - p11

Clarissa / Jeremy - p12 - 14

Pippa / Jeremy - p 16 - 18

Clarissa / Elgin - p20

Mildred / Clarissa - p23 -24

Oliver / Clarissa - p28-p30

Pippa / Clarissa - p32

Henry / Clarissa p34-35

Clarissa / Sir Rowland - p49-p51

Inspector Lord / Mildred - p63-64

Hugo / Inspector / Constable / Elgin p71 - 75

Inspector / Sir Rowland - p83 -85

Depending on interest, you may not read all the pieces for a given part. All auditionees for main roles will do at least two excerpts.


Clarissa is entertaining houseguests and caring for her stepdaughter when an unwelcome visitor arrives. Having just managed to send the visitor on his way, Clarissa’s husband Henry comes home briefly and explains he needs her help with a matter of national importance. Despite Clarissa’s determination to assist her husband, events take an awkward turn when a body is discovered…

Spider’s Web is a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery, first performed in 1954. Come along and spend a few hours in the drawing room of Copplestone Court, a country house which previously belonged to a recently deceased antiques dealer – meet the family, discover their motives, and ultimately untangle ‘Whodunnit’!


Principal Cast

  • Clarissa Hailsham Brown - playing age 35+. Quite vivacious, very sociable, a great hostess. This is main role in the play.

  • Pippa Hailsham Brown - Teenager at school. Looking for an adult - playing age 15ish if possible. I am not planning to audition under 18s.

  • Sir Rowland Delahaye - playing age 50+. Clarissa’s godfather - a main role

  • Hugo Birch - family friend - playing age 45+

  • Jeremy Warrender - an admirer of Clarissa - playing age 30+

  • Mildred Peake - works as the gardener - playing age 40+, quite a fun part.

  • Inspector Lord - Senior police officer who arrives to investigate the murder - playing age 35+

Smaller Roles

  • Henry Hailsham Brown - Clarissa’s husband - playing age 40+

  • Oliver Costello - Playing age 30+, ‘gangster type’, unpleasant man with criminal connections.

  • Constable Jones - other police officer - playing age 20+ - male or female.

  • Elgin - butler - 35+ (could be Mrs. Elgin, Housekeeper)

  • Doctor - voice only - does not appear on stage. This is likely to be doubled with another role.


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