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Image © Paul Sachtleben ‘Enter the Darkness’


Production&Construction Manager - Mat Rees

Production Assistant - Rhona Jamieson

Set Design - Bronwen Grover

Construction Team - Barney Picton, Bronwen Grover, Susan Howe, Jonny Wilkinson, Andy Payne, Joe Chadney, Dominick Fanning

Properties - France Cox

Lighting Design - Joe Chadney, Neil Bonnett

Lighting Operator - Joe Chadney

Sound Design - Josh Cooper

Sound Ops - Barney Picton

Stage Manager - Alice Chadwick

DSM - Rhona Jamieson

Wardrobe - Lizzy Cleverdon

Publicity: Rosie Closs, Fran Lewis, Rachel Fleming, Kath Farnaby

Photography - Peter Spence

Programme & Flyer - Mat Rees

Box Office Manager - Anna Barry

FoH Manager - Mike Luckett

Bar Manager - Bill West


The Father by Florian Zeller

Adapted by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Tessa Garrett

Studio:       12-16 February 2019 @ 7:30


Committee Liaison: Fran Lewis




Andre - David Alexander

Anne - Fiona McClure

Woman - Liz Smith

Man - Josh Cooper

Laura - Jenny Hills

Pierre - Jon Bard    

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