Committee Contacts


Key Contacts

Management Committee 2019-2020

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Direct Committee


Hon. President

Milton Johns


Hon. Vice President

Mary McCallum (

Hon. Vice President

Richard Jones (


Management Committee


Sue Stobbs (



Anna Friere Camacho (



Peter Phillpot (


Chief Marketing Officer

Anna Barry (


Premises Manager

Dean Bentley-Hawkins (


Artistic Director

Fran Lewis (


Company Stage Manager

Neil Bonnett (


Membership Development Officer

Tim Whitten (


Committee Members' Representative

Josh Cooper (



Non-Committee Roles


Membership Secretary - Phil Joyner (


Archivist - Richard Jones


Bar Manager - Jenny Foster, Rick Procter-Lane, Susan Howe


Box Office Manager - Anna Barry (


Digest Editor - Adam Church (

Friends' Coordinator - Vacant


Front of House Managers - Mike Luckett / Jacqs Graham


Hall Lettings Manager - Jon Bard (


Hall Treasurer - Rick Procter-Lane


Head of Lighting - Neil Bonnett


Head of Properties (Props) - Kate Buchan


Head of Sound - Peter Spence


Heads of Wardrobe/Costume - Chrissy Fryers / Mary McCallum


Health & Safety Officer - Geoff Collard


Jester Editor - Geoff Collard (


Librarian - Pat Needham (


Little Theatre Guild (LTG) Representative - Ralf Togneri


Rehearsed Readings Co-ordinator - Rick Procter-Lane


Social Media Co-ordinators - Rosie Closs (Facebook) / Fran Lewis (Twitter)


Webmaster - Jonny Wilkinson (


Writing Group Co-ordinator - Mat Rees



Members of the APC (Artistic Programme Committee)

Fran Lewis (Artistic Director, APC Chair),

Angela Markham, Alice Chadwick, Alex Needham, Simon Shorrock, Chrissy Fryers and Al Hedderman