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Production Resources


There are links to a wealth of resources through this section. Click on the links highlighted in Yellow to go to the various sections or documents.

Production Pack for Directors and Production Managers


If you are Directing or Managing a production for Kelvin Players you MUST read this. It's packed with information and guidance, contacts and proforma reports etc. (Updated March 2019) - But anyone can have a read - its pretty interesting!

Production Budget Template


To agree before commencing production.

Front of House


Various guidance documents have been prepared to assist those working FoH

Members' Interests List as at 23/01/2017


The above spreadsheet sets out the various areas of interest mentioned by Members in their application forms etc, e.g. Lighting, Directing, Production Management, Sound etc.

Season Planning Schedule.


Depending on when your production is scheduled, this will give you an idea when you ought to be doing stuff. It's not set in stone but helpful guidance

Template Production Report for Directors/PMs


Each month from casting, a Production Report (Updated September 2017) needs to be submitted to the Management Committee.

Template Risk Assessment for PMs


Before you start rehearsals, a Risk Assessment (Updated October 2016) for the production needs to be submitted to the Management Committee.

Costume Guidelines for Directors/Wardrobe


You might have a dedicated Wardrobe Mistress/Master but you still need to know what/how to deal with costumes.

Template Rehearsal Report for DSMs


DSMs should be attending every rehearsal and reporting back to the Director and Production Manager after each rehearsal as the production develops


Template Contact Sheet for PMs / SMs


The Contact Sheet should be completed as soon as the team starts to build to include contact for everyone involved from cast to Committee Liaison Officer.

Spending Sheet for all who pay out money for the show


Anyone who pays out money (for props/make-up/paint/timber/furniture hire etc) should complete this and send it to the Production Manager who is in charge of the Production budget

Show Report for DSMs


A show report (for each performance) should be sent to the Director & Production Manager to highlight any issues which may have arisen in the performance.

Sample Mark Up of Working Script for DSMs


For those who ay not have marked up a script before, this gives simple straight-forward guidance on how to mark up a script for performance.

Sample Layout of Props Table for SMs


For those who may not have marked up a script before, this gives simple straight-forward guidance on how to mark up a script for performance.

Props Master Spreadsheet and preset for SMs


A helpful spreadsheet to keep a handle on who needds what where and when.

Sample Fit-Up Schedule for PMs


This was the Fit-Up schedule used for the production of Glory Dazed which can be adapted to your own production.

Pre-Show Calls Timetable for DSMs


When to call (warn) the cast and audience who should be ready for what when.

Master Budget Sheet for PMs


When Heads of Department submit their expenses claims, here's a handy sheet to keep a track of everything within budget.

Cue Sheet for DSMs/Lighting Ops/Sound Ops etc


Keep at track of what buttons to press when.

Steel Deck & Scenic Flattage

This is of more relevance to your Designer but again, it's helpful to know what's available so you don't expect the impossible. Our Scenic Flats are 11'6" tall and include (measuements in mm):

4 x Door flats (1200); 9 x 300s; 9 x 600s; 4 x 900s; 4 x 1200s; 4 x 1500s; 4 x 1800s

Stage Plans.

Again, one for the Designer but on this link you'll find plans for the Kelvin Studio, The Tobacco Factory Main House, the Redgrave Theatre and the QEH Theatre. Others will be added as they become available.

Rose Bowl Rules.

All our productions are entered for the Rose Bowl Awards for 'amateur' theare in the South West of England. You'll see various 'adjudications' on the production pages for recent productions.


Understandably there are strict rules regarding the use of weapons on stage. Click the link for the Health & Safety Executive's guidelines.

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