Writers' Group


Seeing as this has become my year to really get involved with lots of different aspects of Kelvin (it’s only taken 10 years) and being a glutton for punishment, I've agreed to facilitate the Kelvin Writer's Group this year. For those new to Kelvin it is a selection of Kelvin members interested in, well, writing…but NOT necessarily plays! We do have a lot of talented playwrights, with more joining every year, but the writer's group has always been intended as a chance for writer's to share their work and receive constructive criticism regardless of whether you write plays or poems, novels or novellas, short stories or screen plays. 

The initial meeting will take place on Sunday the 5th March 6pm-8pm in the Morris Room and I will be happy to answer any questions and take contact details for those who would like to be kept up to date with our social calendar. The other reason for the meeting will be to discuss the Kelvin Writers Group Rehearsed Reading Project (which definitely needs a snappier title!). This is a group project that gets performed as a rehearsed reading later in the year but has a specific link: last year it was a phrase and this year it will be… A Prop, to be decided on Sunday the 5th. So even if you don’t want to participate with the project itself do come along and see if you can make things as much fun, or difficult for those who will be involved.

I'm really excited to be able to carry on the great work that Mat Rees and Craig Malpass did in setting up and organising the Kelvin writer's group and look forward to seeing those brave souls who can attend.

Alex Needham, Writers Group Facilitator.