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The Jester


The Jester is a bi-monthly in house magazine developed to keep the membership informed and thanked.


A more frequent, peripatetic 'Digest' is sent out when things can't wait for the next publication of Jester.


If you want to publish an article in Jester, contact the Editor on


If it can't wait, contact the Digest editor at


The latest editions are available by clicking the links below:

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February/March 2015


Copies of Jester are available back to 2007. If you would like to receive a specific issue, please email me.


As part of our drive towards becoming a more sustainable company we need to stop printing and mailing out copies of The Jester unnecessarily.

Until now, we have asked that if you’d rather receive a digital copy, you could ‘opt out’ of receiving a paper copy. A goodly number of you have done so but it seems we’re still printing and posting around 80 copies of each edition which is an enormous number for the 21st century. It costs £50 (plus postage of another £40) six times a year which amounts to over £500 per year. If we consider that the paper alone amounts to nearly 3,000 pages (double sided) or six reams, which are read once and recycled (or simply thrown away) that’s 15kg of waste. On top of that you have the envelopes – another 2.4kg. That’s equivalent to the weight of 120 Fairtrade bananas!

It has been decided therefore that, from the next (February-March 2017) edition, we’re going to send The Jester by email only unless you Opt In to receive a paper, posted copy. Opting in implies that you don’t have access to or are unused to using email. That’s fine. All you have to do is let us know you’d prefer to receive a paper copy and we’ll continue to send it. Please just drop us a note or a postcard confirming your postal address and we’ll keep sending it.

Send to:
Jester Mailing List
Kelvin Players,
253b Gloucester Road,
Bristol BS7 8NY

*There were no Jesters published between April and July 2016 (inclusive) due to editor changes

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