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The Goat (or Who Is Sylvia?) 

by Edward Albee

Directed by Adam Church

Studio:      22-26 February 2022 @ 7:30


Committee Liaison: 


“Every civilisation sets limits to its tolerances. It is my hope that people will think afresh about whether the values they hold are valid.” 

Edward Albee


In Edward Albee’s most daring and provocative play since Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Martin, a hugely successful architect, leads an ostensibly ideal life with his loving wife Stevie and gay teenage son Billy. But when he confides to his best friend Ross that he is also in love with a goat (named Sylvia), he sets in motion events that will destroy his family and leave his life in tatters.


The Goat is a hugely enjoyable, darkly hilarious parable that plumbs the deepest questions of social constraints on the individual expression of love.


‘As startling as it is satisfying… The dialogue is fierce, often brutal, and laced with the blackest of humour.’ Associated Press

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