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The Nether

by Jennifer Haley

Directed by Josh Cooper

Studio:      25-29 April 2023 @ 7:30

​“Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it isn’t real.” 


The Nether flits between an interrogation room in a future real world and an online space known as “The Hideaway”. In this virtual world users log in, take on any identity and indulge their darkest desires.


Back in the real world, The Hideaway’s creator is questioned about his motives to create such a place and the moral responsibilities underlying activity in an unregulated digital environment.


This is a daring and cleverly written play. It contains themes and moments some audiences may find dark or upsetting, exploring the complicated morality of online paedophilia. 


It opened to wide critical acclaim when it was first performed in the US and then transferred to the Royal Court Theatre in 2014: 


“A thought-provoking, deeply disconcerting success.” – The Telegraph. 

“A compelling, profoundly disturbing 80 minutes of theatre.” – The Guardian. 

“Bravo to Headlong for programming this authentically challenging piece” - The Independent 


The strong moral questions at the core of the story are more relevant than ever today, and we’re very excited to bring to the Kelvin stage this intriguing, thought-provoking piece of theatre.

“We have a terminal here if you’d like to Log In.”

Production details

Rehearsals are Monday and  Tuesday evenings and some Sunday mornings

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for a part and we’re delighted to confirm our brilliant final cast:

Sims/Papa         - Alex Needham       

Morris               - Mayble Pitt            

Doyle                - Mat Rees   

Iris                   - Gilly Pennack

Woodnut           - Rob Kershaw


There are key backstage and technical roles still to fill so get involved and please contact us for details:



Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be part of something a bit different and definitely special!

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