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Assistant Director - Nicola Essex

Production Manager - Sharon Dudbridge

Set Design - Bronwen Grover

Construction Manager: 

Dean Bentley Hawkins

Construction Team:

Dean Bentley Hawkins, Neil Bonnett, Adam Church, Peter Conway-Hughes, Dominick Fanning, Bronwen Grover, George Howard, Susan Howe, Mike Luckett, Andy Payne, Hester Penny, Mayble Pitt, Jessica Relph

Properties & set Dressing:

Caroline Mitchell, Sue Stobbs

Costumes - Eszter Vass

Sound design & operation:

Joanne Brooks

Lighting design & operation:

Joe Chadney & Hester Penny

Stage Manager:

Anna Freire Camcho, George Howard

Marketing & Publicity:

Anna Barry, Fran Lewis, Jacqs Graham, Tim Whitten

Programme & Flye- Mat Rees

Photography - Peter Spence

Box Office Manager - Anna Barry

Front of HouseJacqs Graham

The Children by Lucy Kirkwood

Directed by Mat Rees

Studio:       11-15 February 2020 @ 7:30


Committee Liaison: Fran Lewis


Rose - Frances Cox

Hazel - Gill Cowen

Robin - Ralf Togneri

The Children_065.jpg
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