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“Me, poor man, my library was Dukedom large enough”. – Prospero, The Tempest, Act 1 Sc. 2


Welcome to the Theatre Library.


About the Library


Since its birth in 1929, the Kelvin Players Theatre Company has received many generous donations and bequests of scripts, theatrical biographies and references books, journals and magazines, and other related works. This has accrued now into a sizeable collection. between 2010 and 2012 much hard work and effort has gone into sorting, storing and making available this resource for Club members.


The aim of the Theatre Library is to provide access to and support for a wide range of drama resources in print and online, and is committed to improving the information facilities for all members to improve their Club experience.



The Library provides a range of services, including:

  • Almost 1000 script titles from authors A-Z, in most time periods, styles and settings, indexed (see below) and catalogued [coming soon]

  • Access to a range of electronic resources, websites and theatre information online [coming soon]

  • Collection of biographies and memoirs from stars and stage and screen, and other dramatic personnel

  • Collection of text books and references books on a range of technical theatrical subjects: acting, lighting, costume, set design, make-up, etc.

  • Collections of journals and periodicals, including Amateur Stage, the LTG Newsletter, Prompt and Theatre World.


The Kelvin Players Theatre Library is an information resource for all Members and Patrons to use and enjoy.


The Indexes


The Library project for 2012/13 will be to set-up a fully functioning Library catalogue to allow for swift and reliable searching for your desired item.


In the meantime, a temporary index may be downloaded or viewed from this website. The index is in two sections, the Script Index and the Reference Index, representing the majority of items held. Journals, periodicals and magazines are not indexed.


The Script Index (updated 21 September 2012)



The Reference Index (updated 21 September 2012)


The data in these indexes are arranged in the following order:

Title: the title of the play, or title of the compilation of plays (if it is a compilation, then the contents will display if you hover the cursor over the title field).

  • Author: the principal author or authors of the work (Surname, First Name)

  • Dramatist/Adapter: the translator, dramatist or adapter of the work (as applicable.

  • Copies: the number of copies of the work held in the Theatre Library.

  • Roles (M): the number of named male roles in the work

  • Roles (F): the number of named female roles in the work n.b. if a compilation, number of roles will display as ‘N/A’

  • Genre: for plays, brief notes detailing the format, length, style, setting, location and/or time period, where possible; for reference works, brief note detailing the principal subject of the work.

  • Publisher: the publishing house of that edition of the work n.b. different published editions of a work are recorded separately, e.g. Samuel French edition recorded separately to Methuen

  • Published date: date play first published, unless otherwise specified (e.g. Shakespeare, date of edition first published)


If you would like to borrow any item…


If you would like to donate any relevant items, or pass on any relevant items, to the Theatre Library…


If you are unable to find what you want on the index, or if you cannot understand the arrangement or layout of data,..


If you have any suggestions or requests for improving the Library in any way…


…please contact the Kelvin Players Librarian at




Please be aware of a few basic principles when using the Library materials:


Many items are not in their first flush of youth, and some are quite delicate or in a bad state of repair. Where possible, the Library will endeavour to provide the best-condition copy available; however, where this is not possible, please do make allowances for the sort of wear and tear some scripts have acquired in their lives!


  1. As with any library book, please respect any items borrowed, and return each item in the condition in which you received it.

  2. Where an item is not available, there may or may not be scope for sourcing a copy from elsewhere. Whenever possible, please try in the first instance to locate copies yourselves; however, it may be possible to acquire items for the Library, for immediate loan, at the discretion of the Librarian and the Management Committee.

  3. Please do enjoy and make use of the Kelvin Players Theatre Library resources. The Library will accept donations of scripts from any source, and is always grateful for suggestions and feedback as to how to improve its service.


N.b. For reasons of copyright law, we do not accept or loan photocopied scripts. We do however gladly accept bound copies of scripts from new authors, if they give express permission for the Library to keep a copy.


September 2012


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