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Technical Training

Anna has already started the training set out above. There is a link below to her notes on Stage Management. All the papers/templates can be found in Production Resources


Stage Manager Notes




Head of Sound, Peter D Spence has put together some training videos to help those who might be interested in learning some of the tricks of the trade:


Basic Sound Editing


Stereo Out Recording


Sampling & Looping

I finally got around to finishing my "The River" postmortem audio series.


Here's the links to all four:


I cover applied aspects of audio production throughout including:

  • Fades

  • Equalisation

  • Mixing

  • Panning

  • Reverb

  • High Pass / Low Pass Filters

  • Compressors

  • Stereo Widening

  • Plugin Automation

  • Pitch / Formant Shifting

  • Use of Synths

  • Recording Space Options

  • Vocal Tracking

  • Vocal Direction

  • All of the above in the overall artistic context / objective





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