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APC - Artistic Programme Committee

Chair: Fran Lewis

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Our 2023 Vision
It feels like the year 2023 is an absolute age away, right? Not for the APC!

Now that Kelvin’s 2022 season is revealed in all its glory, the APC members are forging ahead and turning our thoughts to what’s next. We would therefore like to invite directors to submit for our 2023 season.

No schemes, no fancy gimmicks – not yet anyway, give us time. For now, all we are hoping for are proposals of plays that you think Kelvin could produce to the best of our ability.
Anything – modern, period, tragedy, comedy; science-fiction, kitchen-sink drama, absurdist duologues, farcical extravaganzas; maybe even some Shakespeare – we will read it and consider it ... if you propose it.
Once we’ve read all the proposals, we will formulate a shortlist. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited to pitch your play, in person, to the APC. That’s your opportunity to really sell your vision – why you think your play will engage our audiences, and continue to promote our club as one of the best non-professional theatre companies in the South West.
We are especially keen to hear from directors who have not yet directed for Kelvin. New directors will get the chance to direct a Black Box production – a stripped down version of our main house shows. However, if you have extensive directing experience outside of Kelvin, this may not be necessary – please let us know on your proposal form.

New directors, PLEASE NOTE: you MUST have a) directed a Rehearsed Reading, and b) recently performed a significant backstage role, in order to be eligible to direct.
If you are keen to direct, and you fulfil the criteria, then great! We look forward to hearing from you.
All you need to do is complete the proposal form, and send it to, along with a copy of the script (preferably online, though I will accept a hard copy), by 1st May 2022.
Any questions about the submission process? No problem – please get in touch, or have a chat with any member of the APC. Stuck on a play idea? No sweat – get in touch!

The Artistic Programming Committee 2021 – 2023 are: Chrissy Fryers, Al Hedderman, Rosie
Closs, Rick Proctor-Lane, Avanti Pursell, Bob Harvard, Keira Marie Somers, Geoff Collard and
myself, Nicola Schoonderwoerd

Many thanks
Nicky Schoonderwoerd
Artistic Director


There is lots of information here about how to submit a play to the APC for consideration production in the coming season.

The APC works within guidelines prepared by the general Management Committee. Click >>here<< to read the guidelines


Here you will find How to Propose a play, the 'pitching' process and Hints and tips.


Click >>Here<< for an APC Play Submission Form.

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