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Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs). A New Beggar's Opera


Written by Carl Grose and Composed by Charles Hazlewood
Directed by Simon Shorrock


Studio: 5-9 December 2023 @ 7:30



This is a high paced, energetic, modernised version of the ‘Beggar’s Opera’, performed and created by Kneehigh Theatre Company.


It includes live music and singing! There are 9 main roles in this show with a good mix of male/female and non gendered roles. All groups are covered and this style of this play would encourage a diverse casting.


There are 8 ensemble parts also. 



The story follows MacHeath, a contract killer, who through the unscrupulous motives of the Peachums, kills off mayor Goodman. Lies, Deceit, Corruption, Love, Hate and Passion, Dead Dog has it all.



MacHeath  Pete Cottell 
Les Peachum  Barry Williams 
Gloria Peachum  Helen Hollick 
Polly Peachum  Lucy Rowe 
Colin Lockitt  Phil Joyner 
Lucy Lockitt  Katie Kneen 
Lady Goodman Amy Tanner 
Mr Punch Rosie Mason Loader 
Joseph Goodman Tim Whitten 
Filch Hayley Dawson 
Terry Ewan Poole Glead  
Tiny Mayo Dean Bentley Hawkins  
Barry the Cod Joris Pichard 
One Shot Jimmy Miguel Garcia 
Dylan Noir Martha Graham 
Frankie Bardo Evie Stannard
Gordon Sinister Claire Hughes

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